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    61.     Dad,I’m going to school now.r8a亳州五中


    A. Thank you       B. My pleasure       C. Take care      D. Same to your8a亳州五中

    62. The story was so          that we all laughed.r8a亳州五中

    A. sad             B. boring            C. funny         D. longr8a亳州五中

    63.     One of my family          is that we should speak in polite way.r8a亳州五中

        A. rules            B. dreams            C. plans          D. Tasksr8a亳州五中

    64. Children need to learn the difference          right and wrong.r8a亳州五中

    A. in               B. between          C. among        D. fromr8a亳州五中

    65. Paul          a toy company since 1990.r8a亳州五中

    A. has run           B. runs             C. is running      D. ranr8a亳州五中

    66. Waiter, this fork is dirty.r8a亳州五中

             , sir. Here is a clean one.r8a亳州五中

        A. You’re welcome    B. No way           C. See you        D. I’m sorryr8a亳州五中

    67. Nancy was not feeling well this morning.          she still went to school as usual.r8a亳州五中

    A. Instead           B. Therefore         C. However       D. Otherwiser8a亳州五中

    68. Susan , what are you doing?r8a亳州五中

    I’m          my glasses. I can’t.r8a亳州五中

    A. looking after       B. looking for        C. putting down   D. putting awayr8a亳州五中

    69.     Peter is the only student          can make a robot in his school.r8a亳州五中

    A. who             B. as             C. whom             D. Whichr8a亳州五中

    70.              is important for everybody to be honest to friends.r8a亳州五中

    A. Such             B. That          C. it                  D. thisr8a亳州五中

    71.     Ann          a book by the window when the phone rang.r8a亳州五中

        A. read               B. was reading    C. is reading        D. readsr8a亳州五中

    72.     Bill plays football every day ,          ?r8a亳州五中

        A. doesn’t  he         B. isn’t  he        C. won’t he       D. didn’t  her8a亳州五中

    73.     The bus was crowded this morning. There were          people on it.r8a亳州五中

        A. few              B. many          C. no                 D. somer8a亳州五中

    74.     You can just tell me          you need anything else.r8a亳州五中

        A. as if              B. because        C. so what             D. ifr8a亳州五中

    75.     Hi , Alice , how was your trip?r8a亳州五中

                 . I enjoyed it very much.r8a亳州五中

    A. It was great        B. Come on       C. It was terrible        D. Well doner8a亳州五中




    Hi Tom,r8a亳州五中

    Thanks so much for the get-well card ! I’m feeling a lot better now , actually , I’m writing to ask for your advice about something.r8a亳州五中

    I have the chance to work in a health center on Vanuatu for a year. Of course , I’d have to do some training if I took the job. I can do basic first aid , but I’d need to know more than that.r8a亳州五中

    The problem is , I’m no sure if I should go. It would mean giving up the jib I’ve got now. But I wouldn’t mind thatit’s not that great a jib ! And I’ve often thought about becoming a nurse...r8a亳州五中

    So ,what do you think?r8a亳州五中

    Hope all is well with you.r8a亳州五中

    All the best ,r8a亳州五中


    76.     Why does Kate write to Tom?r8a亳州五中

    A. To give thanks .             B. To express hope.       r8a亳州五中

    C. To ask for advice .           D. To apply for a job.r8a亳州五中

    77.     For the new job , Kate would have to          .r8a亳州五中

    A. give up her dream          B. prepare for half a yearr8a亳州五中

        C. do some training            D. leave Vanuatur8a亳州五中

    78.     Kate is not sure if she should          .r8a亳州五中

        A. write to Tom               B. take the new jobr8a亳州五中

        C. do basic first aid            D. accept the get-well cardr8a亳州五中

    79.     Form the passage we know that Kate          .r8a亳州五中

    A. is feeling no better nowr8a亳州五中

    B. doesn’t have a job nowr8a亳州五中

    C. once worked as a nurse for many yearsr8a亳州五中

    D. has the chance to work in a health centerr8a亳州五中

    80.     The passage is probably          .r8a亳州五中

        A. an e-mail              B. a report        C. an ad             D. a noticer8a亳州五中



    Do you own an e-reader , a device for reading e-books(電子書)?Do you prefer reading on it rather than reading from traditional thick , heavy novels ?r8a亳州五中

    If yes , welcome to join our school’s new E-book Club !r8a亳州五中

    No need to buy files for the books we will read. Our club only reads free novels. Click (點擊)on our club’s homepage(主頁)download the book of the month.r8a亳州五中

    Do you want to learn more about our club ? Come to our next meeting in the library !r8a亳州五中

    Meeting time : Monday , April 3 at 7 : 30 pm.r8a亳州五中

    81.     To join the E-book Club , you should          .r8a亳州五中

    A. have an e-reader                B. buy files for booksr8a亳州五中

    C. prefer reading heavy novels       D.read one book each weekr8a亳州五中

    82.     Which a true of the club ?r8a亳州五中

    A. It sells e-books                  B. It has its own homepager8a亳州五中

    C. It has a long history              D. It reads cheap novelsr8a亳州五中

    83.     You can learn more about the club by          .r8a亳州五中

    A. buying an e-reader               B. reading e-booksr8a亳州五中

    C. attending its near meeting         D. downloading the book of the monthr8a亳州五中

    84.     The next meeting will be held          .r8a亳州五中

    A. on Friday       B.on March 3       C. in a bookshop       D. in the libraryr8a亳州五中

    85.     The purpose of the passage is to          .r8a亳州五中

    A. introduce a novelr8a亳州五中

    B. change the meeting timer8a亳州五中

    C. get more people to join the clubr8a亳州五中

    D. collect books for the libraryr8a亳州五中


    Mike Fay is a scientist who works on wildlife(野生動物)protection. He has done several projects in Africa and America. He’s counted all the elephants in the central African country of Chadtwice ! He’s walked over 1,800 miles across North America and hasn’t slept in a bed more than 50 times in the last ten years.r8a亳州五中

    Fay travels lighthe usually just takes a T-shit , a pair of jeans , and his sandals(涼鞋). His most recent pair of sandals lasted 1,200 miles before they fell apart ! Only after that , he bought a new pair.r8a亳州五中

    Fay wants to show people how beautiful and precious the earth is so they will take care of it. And he succeeds. His work has drawn attention (注意)to wildlife protection and made people act. After he started work on the elephant project in Chad , much fewer elephants died. And in Gabon , the government has created 13 new national parks.r8a亳州五中

    86.     What is Mike Fay ?r8a亳州五中

        A. A traveler       B. A scientist       C. A hunter       D. A guider8a亳州五中

    87.     We learn form Paragraph 1 that Fay          .r8a亳州五中

    A. has never slept in a bedr8a亳州五中

    B. hasn’t done any elephants in Africar8a亳州五中

    C. has counted all the projects in Americar8a亳州五中

    D. has walk over 1,800 miles across North Americar8a亳州五中

    88.     The expression fell apartin Paragraph 2 probably means       .r8a亳州五中

        A. were repaired       B. were broken       C. were sold       D. were lostr8a亳州五中

    89.     What happened after Fay’s great efforts ?r8a亳州五中

    A. More elephants died in Gabon.r8a亳州五中

    B. People did nothing about wildlife.r8a亳州五中

    C. Wildlife protection attracted more attention.r8a亳州五中

    D. The government created 13 national parks in Chad.r8a亳州五中

    90.     The best title for the passage could be          .r8a亳州五中

    A. Studying in Africa               B. Looking for National Parksr8a亳州五中

    C. Traveling in America             D. Walking for Wildlife Protectionr8a亳州五中




    答案:61-66 CCABAD  67-75CBACBABDA  76-80 CCBDA    81-85 ABCDC  86-90BDBCDr8a亳州五中